Activewear for Every Occasion

It’s been a minute since my last *cheesy* post, but I’m back to share my latest obsession for activewear. You’ve probably heard of them by now, as I feel like they’re gaining popularity pretty quick, and rightfully so… 90 Degree by Reflex has pretty much won at yoga pants. Like, if Lulu type pants + tj maxx type prices had a baby, it’d be 90 Degree. I love the material, I love the fit, and I love the different style options. I’m excited to try other styles soon! They paired great with my fresh, new Nikes 😉

These pants are great for the gym, but also great for everyday things… which is more what I’ve been wearing them for, since I’m still unfortunately not able to be back in the gym yet *dramatic eye roll*. I can go to walk/stretch and do my physical therapy exercises, but that’s about all for now. Which has put me in quite the funk lately, because exercise has always been my go-to stress/anxiety relief, andddd my (late) honeymoon is finally happening soon and I ate lots of Girl Scout cookies this season lol #noshametreatyoself.

Back when I was healthy I always tried to share motivational posts on here/instagram/fb about getting stronger and healthier, but when I got injured I just stopped. I figured since I’m not really doing anything, I’m not much motivation to anyone. But as I’ve prayed and prayed lately for God to use me and my situation for good, I realized that I can still motivate others because there are people out there going through similar things and need to hear that they’re not alone and that one day we’ll be better. One day we’ll be back in the gym, or the yoga studio, or the track – wherever your passion is that you’re being forced to put on hold; just remember that God gives us temporary circumstances to make us stronger individuals.

For example, If you’re like me and had put fitness on a MUCH too tall pedestal, then maybe God is teaching you a little about priorities. This is just me theorizing, but it has definitely brought me down a few notches and made me check my priorities and things I “praise” if you will.

Focus on what you CAN do right now, and allow God to help you live above your circumstances 🙂

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re leaving feeling inspired!

XO beth

 *linking the pants HERE – I’m not sponsored by this brand or by amazon (it’s also sold other places) I just really love their clothes!
For the hair products I use, go HERE and you can find out more from Lacey, my Monat girl! My hair was cut not long ago from these photos, and is still experiencing new growth from these products!

An Ode To The Instagram Husband

Because we don’t give them enough credit:

To the men who wait until their food is nearly cold to eat it, so that we can get a photo…

To the men who walk around with a camera even when they just want to enjoy the moment…

To the men who scope out good potential shoot locations for us, without even meaning to…

To the men who tell us we should “take more mental photos”…

To the men who are just ready to get to the beach and drink a beer but that beach house over there is just too cute to pass up…

To the men who so wonderfully understand the good lighting vs the bad lighting that makes us look like we put our makeup on in the dark…

To the men who wake up *early* from their Sunday afternoon nap to their wife saying, “babe, this golden hour is amazing let’s go shoot”…

To the men who always lose the argument that they’re “too tired” to go shoot…

To the men who never complain about being a 24/7 on-call fashion photographer (lol jk he complains a lot)…

CHEERS TO YOU! You are more appreciated than you know, and I hope all you Insta husbands out there know your worth! We couldn’t do it without y’all, even if you whine a lot about not getting to dig in to your meal right away. Keep being awesome, instagram husbands!

And to my husband, thank you. If you didn’t already have a job I’d hire you as my other shooter for my photography business lol.

Onto the serious business… This outfit was the best beach day outfit! I wore it on our first day of our birthday staycation in Rosemary Beach, and the weather was amazing! I threw the top over my bikini and since we were walking around the town a little, I paired it with denim shorts!

The boutique I bought the black cover up from doesn’t have a website, but I’m linking a cute similar one HERE! Shorts (here) and sandals are Target, bag is Michael Kors! Wood watch is Jord – see my Jord post from Feb for a giveaway ending tomorrow!!

Have a good weekend loves,

xo beth


Strawberry Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie

So I combined my two favorite smoothies into one yesterday, and it was magical. I shared it on my Instagram stories and got several requests for the recipe so here it is! It’s going to blow your mind how simple it is…

You may remember my chocolate banana smoothie from last summer, and then the strawberry one I shared a few months after. Well, it’s kinda like if they had a smoothie baby. I was really craving fruit yesterday, but my stomach/appetite has been really weird lately so I figured a smoothie would probably be easy on it. I also needed to pack some protein too because I’m horrrrible at eating meat 90% of the time. You should try to get most (ideally all) of your protein from food sources rather than relying solely on protein powder, but sometimes the convenience is totally worth it! Protein powder is a great thing as long as it’s not your primary source of protein all day every day! It’s also great for people like me who really struggle with meat, lol.

Here it is:

1.5 frozen bananas (the more banana, the better the smoothie texture!)
5-7 frozen strawberries
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I just use Gold Standard chocolate whey)
1 tablespoon cacao powder *this is the game changer ingredient*
1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
1 stevia packet OR 1 squeeze of natural honey

Blend until it’s smooth and enjoy!!! If it’s too thin/watery, add a few more strawberries! The flavor in this smoothie is amazing but it takes 2 minutes to throw together! Let me know if you try it, OR let me know if you have a yummy smoothie recipe I need to try!

XO beth


Trending Style: Multi-dial Chronograph Watch

Hi guys! Can you believe it’s already FEBRUARY?! I feel like Christmas was five minutes ago, but now that Feb has arrived, I know we are all scrambling to find an awesome Valentine’s Day gift for our significant other! I know I have been stressing about what to get my hubby, because we just had Christmas, and his birthday is right after V Day – so many gifts! I absolutely love celebrating my husband, so I want each of those gifts to be perfect, and I don’t want him to feel like Valentine’s Day got overlooked for him because of his birthday! Well, insert JORD wooden watches!

Now, let me give you a little background on my husband. He is NOT a watch guy. Those are his exact words, actually, every time I have ever asked him if he would like a new watch. “Just not my thing.” Every. Single. Time. I, however, think watches can really pull an outfit together and I love when guys wear them, so I’ve been hoping he would come around for a while now! 😉

That being said, I decided what the heck, I’ll just get him a Jord Watch because they’re different than your average watch, and just pray that he’ll like it and wear it. Ok first of all, their shipping is super quick because I think I received in 3 days *holla!* Well since hubby was home when the package arrived, I went ahead and gave it to him… and GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS – he actually liked it! He loved how unique yet classic it is, and trust me I know when he’s lying 😉 he genuinely likes it! He really loved the multi-dial look. I was so excited!

Jord Wood Watches make such a wonderful, unique gift for your loved one! They are made from gorgeous, unique woods and come in so many different styles! They offer both ladies watches and men’s watches. They also have started offering engravingHow cool is that?! You can make your special gift that much more personal by engraving something.

I got a Jord watch myself last year, and I honestly have not gone a single week without wearing it since. I absolutely love this brand of wood watches, and highly recommend them! Not only do they curate beautiful timepieces, but their customer service is amazing! As someone who works in customer service myself, that can be make or break for me, and Jord definitely goes above and beyond for their customers!

In fact, I love them so much that we are partnering to give one of YOU a $100 gift card to Jord to use toward your own wooden watchEeek! The giveaway will be open until March 4 2018. You can also receive 10% off at my link!

***To enter the giveaway, go HERE!***

Luxury Wooden Watch

Cozy in Pink

Yay it’s Friday! This week has been so weird! I had some days off work but I didn’t have any shoots booked on my off days so I kind of felt strange, suddenly being not busy! Life has been nonstop lately, so it was nice but weird. You know you’ve hit the job lottery when you genuinely miss your job after a few days off, and can’t wait til the next time you work 🙂 hashtag blessssed.

So let’s talk about the COZIEST of cozies… this sherpa pullover! I’m sure you’ve seen them all over insta, because they’re amazing. I’m not gonna lie, it was like the first thing on my Christmas list this year, so I was pumped when my Nana came through and she even picked the best color! Go Nana! She’s so trendy! (If you’re reading this, I love you!) Since Florida has been really cold this winter, this sweater has been a Godsend! A few weeks back when temps hit the 30s, I threw it on underneath my north face, and I’ve never been warmer! And trust me, I am NEVER warm. Even in a boiling hot shower, I’m probably still cold — yes, I’m that girl. But this pullover does its job well! It has been so cozy this cold season. (Like a hug, honestly).

I found this one at an adorable boutique called Bella Bird in Batesville, AR (where my Nana and Pawpaw live!) and I’m in love with this boutique. I’ll definitely be visiting them again each time I’m in town seeing my family! They reminded me of the boutique I worked at in college, so it was definitely a cool experience. Find their Instagram HERE.

On a different note – I hope you are feeling loved and worthy today, because you should! Last night, I let Satan get in my head and tell me otherwise, and it definitely got me down. I honestly have no idea what sent me down the rabbit hole, because I had a perfectly happy day yesterday. But the enemy can take the smallest things and use them against you. Don’t believe his lies, because God’s truths are SO much better! God’s truths about your life (you are worthy, you are enough, you are loved, and He is good) are as warm and fuzzy feeling as this sweater, so my prayer today is that you feel that. Don’t give in to the enemy’s game. Trust where you’re at right now, and let God take care of the rest! Hope you guys have the best weekend!

(distressed jeans – from // hair volume – thanks to Monat, read my post on it HERE)

The Perfect Valentines Day Dress

I have officially discovered the perfect V day dress! I bought this dress for an awards event for hubby’s work, but on our way to the event I realized that it is the BEST look for a valentines date night! I got a lot of questions about it, so I figured might as well share with you guys in case you’re on the prowl for a Vday dress. Anddd if you just love crushed velvet 😍

I’m also going to link a few of my other top picks for Valentine’s Day!

Pink velvet long sleeve (in pics above): HERE

Strappy lace: HERE

Velvet wrap dress: HERE

Off the shoulder LBD: HERE

Thanks for reading!

My Monat Review

Hi friends! I recently did a trial session of Monat hair products, and I’m excited to share my experience with you guys!

When my friend Lacey from back home first asked me about trying Monat, I will admit I was skeptical (as I am about a lot of similar products I’ve been offered). But then I started thinking more about it, and here’s what got me:

My friend Lacey is a very talented, knowledgable hair stylist, and she’s been a hair wizard for as long as I’ve known her. So I figured if someone who knows all there is to know about hair is recommending this product, what could it hurt to try?! She knows her stuff, so I trusted her recommendation. But I still wasn’t sure how much of a difference I’d notice within just a few weeks.

When I agreed to give Monat a shot, I did a little bit of research. (Y’all know I don’t post stuff on here that I haven’t researched and wouldn’t recommend to a bestie in real life!) The Renew Shampoo (which is what I tried along with the conditioner) is known to improve strength and vitality of your hair, and promotes new growth which helps prevent thinning. This is what got me so excited to try it, but more on that in a sec. Their products are also salt and sulfate free, and no harmful colors or fragrances. This shampoo is also safe to use with colored hair!

Now for a little history lesson on my hair and the why behind taking a leap and trying these products. If you’ve kept up with my blog or have known me for awhile, you may already know this… but back in senior year of high school/freshman year of college, I had a severe eating disorder. Long story short, one of the side effects from everything was that my hair started falling out (more so than normal shedding). Ever since then, my hair hasn’t been the same, it’s more fine and thin than it used to be. So the chance to get my hair thicker again and prevent further thinning, sounded really tempting! I’d love to get my hair back to the thickness it was once had!

SO, all that being said, here’s what I found after using Monat for 20 days:

  • I was able to go 3-4 days without washing my hair, without it looking greasy, whereas before it got greasy by day 2 (and lets be honest I’d go 3 but day 3 is always a hat day lol). I also didn’t have to use any dry shampoo.
  • I already have new baby hairs growing (eek)
  • My hair holds curl all the way until next wash day (without having to be re-curled) and stays straight for longer as well
  • I got more hair compliments than normal!
  • Monat actually smells amazing
  • The hair spray is super strong and holds forever (and also smells great)

Before… (and yes I need to get my roots touched up!)

After… (different lighting but you get the idea 😉 )

The only thing is that it’s a little more expensive than your average shampoo/hair products, and this is honestly the reason I was so skeptical at first. But they do say you get what you pay for, so if it truly helps your hair, then definitely worth it.

If you are interested in trying any of the Monat products or just have questions about it, you can go HERE to visit Lacey’s Monat page! She’s a hair rock star so head to her link!

Thanks for reading, hope you have the best weekend!

XO beth



Ballentine Family Shoot

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a fun and restful weekend (& monday)! Mine was busy but in the best way!

I spent some time with the sweetest family taking their first family photos since their precious son was born! Talk about an honor. The Ballentines were a dream to shoot with… look how gorgeous they are! Their beautiful daughters were naturals through the entire shoot, despite it getting a little chilly as the sun went down. And little Weston was a champ through it as well, and loved playing in the sand!

Florida put on a killer sunset and it made for some awesome photos. Cue the heart eyes (for the sunset and this fam).

Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot!

And here is the most hilarious candid you’ll ever see… I could NOT stop laughing when I was going through to edit and found this one! So naturally I’ve got to share it. Nothing like sibling love!

How cute are they?! 😍

Thanks for reading! Hope your Tuesday rocks,

XO beth

Kent Family Mommy & Me Shoot

You guys, this shoot was so much fun! It was my first maternity shoot – EEK! – and I had a blast! Susana and her son Nathan were naturals, as you can tell. Susana is having a baby girl in a few months, and it’s obvious she’s got one super sweet big brother to look out for her! We did a combination of outdoorsy and beachy photos at sunset, and I love how they came out.

Funny story — it rained off and on ALL day the day of this shoot. It was SO dark and cloudy, and as soon as the sun would peek out, it was start raining and the clouds would return! I was so stressed that we wouldn’t be able to shoot, which would’ve been okay because we could always reschedule, but oh my gosh I was so excited I didn’t want the weather to ruin it! But sure enough, about 20 minutes before we met for the shoot, the sun came out of nowhere, the rain stopped, and we caught the best sunset!

XO beth

Florida Winter + Life Update


Happy weekend, loves! I hope your Saturday is off to a great start! I’m curled up sipping a latte and wondering why Florida has to be so rude — it got so cold here overnight and I’m not a fan. I’m tired of this back-and-forth from hot and cold nonsense. I just want to not freeze to death when I walk outside.

But, I’ve found the secret to Florida winters: LAYERS. Because once that sun is up and the temp shoots up about 20 degrees, you’re gonna be struggling. So the best bet is to wear layers (CUTE ONES!!) that you can shed throughout the day. For example, this sweatshirt is the perfect layering piece right now!! And look at that back detail!! All the heart eyes. It’s also the coziest thing I’ve ever put on my body. So I’ll be living in it for the foreseeable future. So, due to the annoying cold here, I layered a bralette underneath, then put my big coat over it because the wind is insane. I can’t wait to throw it on over a swimsuit in the spring! It’s also a great piece to throw on over your sports bra for the gym. Endless possibilities, people. I got it from Indigo, along with the leggings and bralette. Click HERE for their Instagram (website coming soon).

That brings me to our life update! A couple months ago, I got my dream job working for my dream boss with my dream co-workers – at Indigo! It’s the cutest little boutique in Watercolor, FL and yes the commute is SO so worth it! I mean, have you been to 30A??? Dreamy. I still have to pinch myself that I work in such a fun and inspiring environment, doing what I love – helping people pick out cute clothes and feel pretty!

Another piece of my update is that I’ve decided to pursue photography on the side, as you may already know if you follow me on other social media platforms. I am SO excited for this adventure, because I’ve been dying to take the leap but never had the courage (or equipment) until recently. Capturing moments in peoples’ lives truly sets my soul on fire and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! I’m especially excited to shoot with my fellow military families, because they have such a special place in my heart! But my goal is to go beyond just that and also focus on engagement, maternity, lifestyle/fashion, and wherever else I end up! I’m working on potentially launching a new site, but for now, I’ve added a Photography tab for info, and a Portfolio tab for my work as I build my portfolio.

I have one more exciting adventure coming up, and that is our next move! We’ve known for a while now, but this summer we will be moving again, but only a short way down the road… to Destin! I am SO excited to be blessed enough to remain in this beautiful place a little while longer, and especially because I don’t have to do the whole quit-my-job-as-soon-as-I’m-happy thing! I love starting new chapters with my hubby and I know we will have a blast on the next one.

Life has had so many ups and downs the last several months, especially with the challenging injury I’ve had to face. It was hard to keep positive for so long, but even though I’m still struggling with the injury, I feel much more at peace about my life. God has reminded me that He keeps his promises, He is still good and no matter how abandoned you may feel, He is still right beside you. He can literally move mountains for you, if you will just let him. I think that was my problem throughout this injury/healing process — I was so frustrated for so long that I wasn’t letting go enough to trust Him to fix it in HIS time (anyone else guilty of this?) .

He is SO good y’all. He is working a wonderful thing in you, you just have to have patience. Remember how a year ago I thought my life was about to involve a dietetic internship, even more long distance marriage, and lots more student loans?? Well after enduring the challenges of it falling through, I’m seeing now the plans He had in place for that not working out. At the time it crushed me, but NOW I feel even more excited than I did when applying to internships! My soul is on fire every single day, regardless of how much pain this stupid injury is causing me. God is still there, be still and listen for His voice, and let Him move your mountain.

I hope you find encouragement in this somewhere, and if not I hope you at least find some outfit inspo 😉 thanks for reading,

XO beth